Forage Fun Playing Deck

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Herbal card games for all ages.

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Forage Fun Card Game

Learn colors, textures, tastes, shapes, fun herbal facts, reading skills, memory, and cooperation.
  Fun & educational
  Great for all ages
  Families, groups of friends, homeschoolers, Montessori
  2 sets of 14 different herb cards
      2 sets of 12 apothecary cards
      2 wild cards
*Cards only. No outer box
 Designed and Printed locally (in Matt's 'neck of the woods') in Minnesota.
Used in a variety of settings:
  • Car or Camping trips
  • Game night
  • In your yard
  • On a rainy day
  • With older and younger children
…and so many other places!
Multiple levels of benefits:
  • Learn plant identification features
  • Foster creativity and connections to nature
  • Encouraging resourcefulness
  • Promote self-esteem by building ID skills
  • Create memories with family game time

  • Fun, playful, and colorful cards
  • Facts about each plant
  • 8+ ways to play (download)
  • Variations for older & younger players

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