MWIH Year One Program

Fun - Thorough - Foundational

Learn directly from Matthew Wood and carry forward the herbal tradition with confidence and honor.
" learn from Matthew and his other stellar faculty ❤"
"Love Matthew Wood. He is the best teacher you can find.
"...will solidify any knowledge I have gained through other courses..."

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MWIH Year One Program


"The on a spiritual practice of herbalism, healing, and medicine. The main points in this approach are an overall emphasis on Nature as a Living Being, acknowledging the body, soul, and spirit, the four directions or elements, the seven lessons of the medicine path, and the plants themselves. This is undertaken from a vitalist, holistic, natural, and traditional perspective..."
With The MWIH Year One Program, offered by the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism, you have the remarkable opportunity to learn herbalism directly from one of the trailblazers who revived and popularized the wisdom of Traditional Western Herbalism.

Matthew Wood specially curated his own teaching as well as those of herbal specialists to create a program for students to enjoy, cherish, and carry the herbal legacy into future generations with confidence and honor.

What will you learn?

There are a lot of components to being a well-rounded and knowledgeable family, community or clinical herbalist!
Materia Medica(Plant ID, Plant names, Uses, etc.)
Apothecary (Build your herbal medicine cabinet.)
Family Herbal and First Aid (The basics, what you'll use the most!)
Beginner Herbal Medicine Making (Practical, fun, informative!)
Herbal Energetics and Tissue States (Tools that Matthew Wood brought back into Traditional Western Herbalism that will help you to be a truly skilled herbalist.)
Botany (A mechanic needs to know the makes, models and parts of car; likewise the herbalist needs to know the plants.)
Historical herbal foundations created by past and present trailblazers
Beginning Herbal Practice (Intake, Dosaging, Monitoring the Remedy, etc.)
Doctrine of Signatures and Plant Journeying (Connect with the plants!)
Unique and fun electives

About the Program

What will the program be like?

  • Overview: The program is broken up into a guided 12-month path. Months 6 and 12 are catch-up months. A detailed Student Syllabus will be provided. Class officially starts October 8th. Class #1 (The Undying Flame) and many helpful resources are available upon enrollment.

  • Email Guides: Students will receive an email 2 times per month indicating where they should be in their studies if following the suggested timeline, including helpful study tips, Q&A and Study Group dates (optional), Plant Journeying class dates, and other fun and helpful information.

  • Core Curriculum: The curriculum is divided into three sections: Core Curriculum, Materia Medica, and Electives. The entire curriculum has been specifically designed by Matthew Wood to guide you with essential knowledge with room for you to also carve your own path with the option to choose Electives.

  • Materia Medica: You will learn 52 herbs in-depth in the Year One Program.

  • Electives: The vision of the MWIH Year One Program is to help students not only learn the basics but to craft their own unique herbal path along the way. Each year students will have a choice of Electives including Medical Astrology (AKA Astro-Herbalism), Organ Systems (expanded upon in Year 2), and additional Materia Medica, to name a few. Students will be able to craft their own specialties within their herbal studies and practice.

  • Study Time: Expect to spend 8 hours per week (within 10 months, not including the catch-up months) studying curriculum, plus any additional study time you may need (this varies per person). This estimate includes the entire curriculum of around 150 hours of video plus documents and tests.

  • Communities: Included in the program is access to online communities to help you connect and learn with fellow students.

  • Live, online Q&A’s and Study Groups: At least once per quarter, there will be a Q&A session (optional) with a Year One Program teacher. Once a month MWIH will host Study Groups (optional). The Q&A’s and Study Groups recordings will be available for students to download and keep.

  • Interact with Teachers: MWIH Year One Program teachers are excited to receive your thoughtful questions and are available to answer your questions in the Year One Program Community and during Q&A sessions.

  • Staff Help: We have a knowledgeable staff who will also be available to answer questions including quarterly check-ins. In other words... this is a live, interactive program run by and with real people!

  • Then what? You will have up to 18 months to complete the Year One program: 12 months of guided program with Q&A's, Study Groups, and Plant Journeying and an extra 6 months to complete or review coursework. 

To Help You Get Started

Doors to the MWIH Year One Program open October 8th, but you'll have access to the following to get started upon enrollment!
  • Class 1 Video: "The Undying Flame of Herbalism"
  • Materia Medica Flashcards (currently only available in the Library)
  • Helpful, downloadable resources, some only available in this program: Doctrine of Signatures study help sheets, Materia Medica 5 Herbs to Know Flash Cards, NEW Botany Study Cards, Glossary, Required and Recommended Book List, and Supplies List.

Join Us!

Be part of the inaugural MWIH Year One Program class

plus get the best deal in herbal education!

One-Time Payment

Available thru Oct 4th

*Payment Plan
$185 x 10

Available thru Oct 4th


The price only goes up from here:

October 4th = Regular Price $1850

*Payment Plan option ends Oct. 4th
***IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax will automatically be added starting August 8th.***

The guided Program starts on October 8th.
Get started with helpful resources and the first lesson upon registration. 

In today's world, herbalism has flourished! Are you one of the growing number of individuals who aspire to support yourself, your families, and your community with the power of herbal medicine?
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Throughout the First Year Program, you will:

Gain insights into the historical roots of the holistic approach and the guiding principles of Western Herbalism, understanding the significance and embodying the essence of vitalism.
 Embrace herbalism as a way of life, learning from experienced herbalists specialized in various domains, many of whom devote themselves full-time to this craft.
 Explore 50 distinct plants, delve into Family Medicine, First Aid, and Acute Disease, and embark on the journey of beginner Herbal Medicine Making, empowering you to create or expand your own apothecary or herbal medicine cabinet.
 Be blown away learning the concepts of the Six Tissue States, Tastes and Sensations of Herbs to help determine which remedies are best called for; As well as the Doctrine of Signatures, which have shaped Matthew's life as an herbalist and serve as pillars in his herbal philosophy and the online MWIH Year One Program .

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

This is for you if...

  • You're tired of medical professionals guessing at what's 'wrong' with you, and you want to get to the bottom of what's ailing you!!
  • You want to be able to help yourself, family and friends to take care of common as well as long-standing issues by truly supporting the body, not just address symptoms--and save money in the process!
  • You're concerned with where the world is going and you want to be more self-reliant.
  • You're considering a career change and/or want to learn more to personally grow!
  • You value traditional knowledge and wisdom paired with updated information taught by people who practice and live-by what they teach.
  • It sounds like fun and there are so many potential benefits!

This is NOT for you if...

You prefer 1:1 or in-person teaching.
You need a program with more check-ins or guidance than we provide.
Acknowledging the plants as living beings, or pursuing herbalism, healing, and medicine as a spiritual practice do not align with your beliefs.
Rooted in the past, blossoming for the future - cultivate a herbal legacy!

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Have developed a profound understanding of herbs and their potential benefits for personal use, supporting friends and family, and commencing a clinical herbal career.
  • Embrace herbalism as a way of life, learning from experienced herbalists specialized in various domains, many of whom devote themselves full-time to this craft.
  • Move beyond generic herbal approaches and comprehend which herbs are best suited not only for specific conditions but also for each unique individual and nuanced conditions.
  • Cultivate a deep spiritual connection with the plant world.
  • Acquire knowledge of plants from diverse ecosystems and regions, along with related herbs that may be more readily available in your area.
  • Establish connections with herbalists and other students from various regions. Be a part of this vibrant community.
  • Tailor their herbal studies through elective classes and specialized departments aligned with their specific interests.
Students who complete Year One will receive an newly designed certificate signed by Matthew Wood.

Our first offers are our best offers! 

One-Time Payment

Available thru Oct 4th

*Payment Plan
$185 x 10

Available thru Oct 4th


The price only goes up from here:

October 4th = Regular Price $1850

*Payment Plan option ends Oct. 4th
***IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax will automatically be added starting August 8th.***

The guided Program starts on October 8th.
Get started with helpful resources and the first lesson upon registration. 

Where soul meets body, and earth blends herbal harmony!


Beyond the extensive and profound content, you will discover a sense of community woven throughout the MWIH Program. The Community platform facilitates connections with fellow herbalists and students from around the world and live Q&A's with teachers and MWIH-hosted study sessions help you connect and grow.

We understand that growth thrives in synergy, where a supportive environment and network amplify exponential development. Hence, the 
MWIH Year One Program offers a comprehensive Guide to support your learning process, including:

  • Live, online Q&A Sessions with Instructors (quarterly)
  • Live, online Herbal Study Groups (monthly)
  • Email guidance, prompts, tips and updates to help you stay on track. (2 times per month). 
  • MWIH Year One Program Community to interact with peers (Anytime)
  • Thought-filled resources to nurture your journey (Available upon enrollment.)

This program is designed for anyone passionate about exploring traditional medicines, whether for personal use, family care, or ultimately serving their community. 
While becoming a proficient herbalist may require years of dedication, establishing a solid foundation is a crucial initial step upon which you can build.

Inspired by the living plant world itself, the wisdom passed down by Elders and fortified by decades of clinical experience.

Learn from Experienced Herbalists

Matthew Wood, MS's herbal journey began in 1967. He studied botany and earned a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine. He has been a practicing herbalist since 1981. He is the author of ten books.  Read More...
Phyllis D. Light, MA is 4th generation herbalist, taught by her grandmother based on her Creek/Cherokee heritage. Phyllis has studied and worked with herbs, foods, and other healing techniques for 30+ years. Read More...
Lori Rose, Ph.D., is a holistic nutrition expert and herbalist. She's a devoted wife, mother, and passionate wellness instructor, dedicated to empowering others to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Read More...
Judy Lieblein is a Shamanic Herbalist, Reiki Master, and co-owner of Gathering Thyme. She specializes in plant spirit medicine and grief work, empowering others through plant medicine and energy practices. Read More...
Jon Baklund is a remote viewing instructor and has vast experience in the metaphysical realm, intuition, psychic ability, and intention. He is the Founder of Inomanti International. Read More...
Carolyn Jones, MSc, CC, is a Chaplain, Holistic Educator, and Herbalist, advocating self-care. With a rich background, she eases emotional pain through natural methods and healthier lifestyles. Read More...
Francis Bolnaldo, LAc has been a practicing herbalist for 15 years. He is a pulse evaluation expert, author, and wildcrafter from Montreal. He has a MS in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Read More...
Chris McPadden has been a practicing herbalist since 2002. His Ojibwe/Métis grandmother started him on his spiritual journey at the age of 4 with plant and animal medicine. Read More...
Amanda Nicole an author, herbalist, and Divine Daughter, shares plant medicine messages and connects with nature. Her book "Flowers for a Girl" and podcast "Whispers" reflect her deep connection to plant spirit medicine. Read More...
Judith Hill is an award-winning author of thirteen books, an internationally recognized researcher, and is one of the longest practicing full-time astrological consultants in America. Read More...
Other teachers include: Sebastian Liew LAc, Tara Baklund, Leigh Arnoldy, BM, Judith Simms, Mitch Stargrove, Macey Flood PhD, and Unchatwa.


Resources for Multiple
Learning Styles

Videos, audio, slides, handouts, documents, *transcripts, *closed captions, tests and many ways to interact with fellow students, knowledgeable staff and teachers to help you get the most out of the program.

Support &

A real person will be available to assist you. Quarterly Q&A sessions with teachers. Study Groups. Ongoing access to instructors and fellow students within the community. Regular (bi)weekly emails to guide your progress.


The MWIH Year One Program is foundational, but it's not basic. It's a specially-curated in-depth herbal program designed by prolific author and world-renowned herbalist, Matthew Wood, MS.
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18 month Access!

From Official Program start date
The MWIH Year One is a comprehensive and enriching year serving as the initial step in Matthew Wood's online MWIH Program .

Also Includes


Download and keep Plant Journeying, Q&A and Study Group classes and experiences.

Guided Program

The program starts October 8th with (bi)weekly, guided emails.

Mobile App - Coming Soon

Be the first on our new site with complete mobile functions!
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From a small seed, the vision of the MWIH Year One Program has blossomed into an extraordinary archive of classes and courses encompassing a vast array of herbal subjects.

Over $5000 of Curriculum

Lesson series

The Complete Family Herbal: Home Remedies $285

Herbalists Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light, MA take this philosophy to heart and bring it into your home, where you empower yourself and your family with the gift of well-being. Providing healthy lifestyle practices, recognizing and aiding chronic issues, and timely acute care isn’t only healthy, but it also helps mitigate issues if an office visit to a doctor comes about. This class goes beyond the quick fix: you’ll learn about the cause of the ailment as well as how to deal with it in the short and long term.
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Write your awesome label here.
Lesson series

First Aid for Herbalists $165

Bumps, scrapes, burns… it’s a part of life. There are times when a person must go to the doctor for acute or chronic conditions, but there are many times when we can take care of ourselves and our family at home or in the field.
Lesson series

Botany for Herbalists $520

If you want to learn how to identify plants, this course is highly recommended. I've previously taken two other botany classes, but this one I came away with so much more, including how to actually use the keys to positively identify the plant right down to the correct species.- Luana M
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Write your awesome label here.
Lesson series

Beginner Herbal Medicine Making $150

Join Lori Rose, Ph.D. in this course full of essential information on making a variety of herbal medicines. She will guide you in a simple and practical way through the mysteries of Herbal Medicine Making!
  • Enjoy fun activities for the family
  • Feel the reward of making your own herbal medicines
  • Save money by making your own herbal remedies
  • Gain confidence in your herbal skills
Lesson series

Astrology Sun Signs $1067 (elective)

This course covers the health strengths and weaknesses of each astrological sign, Aries through Sagittarius! Make the best of your own astrology, deepen your chart reading abilities, and expand your herbal wisdom.
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Lesson series

Many hours of other fascinating classes including:

  • Women Herbalists and Healers
  • Black Folk Herbalism
  • Voyage with Culpeper
  • Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief
  • Basics of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Others
  • Herbal History: European, Native American, Egyptian, and others
  • Herbal Energetics and Actions
  • Specific and Preventative Medicine
  • Assessment Skills
  • And many, many more!

$2500+ value!

All together, over $5000 in Value!

+ Community and experiences are priceless. 
+ Quarterly Q&A's (priceless!)
+ Study Groups (priceless!)

These classes are special experiences. You will have the opportunity to download
these classes to keep; to re-experience, review, and reminisce.
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18 month Access!

From Official Program start date
The MWIH Year One Program is a comprehensive and enriching year serving as the initial step in Matthew Wood's online MWIH Program .
Be the first to experience MWIH's new website and amazing features. Be the first to graduate from the MWIH Year One Program !

Guided & At Your Own Pace

18 months to enjoy and complete the program at your own pace
Guided 12-month program
+ 6 months to complete or review

This is a 12-month guided program, but you have access for 18 months from the start of the program (Oct. 8th, 2023)! That's 6 extra months to review and go further into the content as you'd like (does not include additional Q&A's, study groups or events, access to recorded curriculum only.)

Every other week (or 2 times per month), you'll receive an email to help you pace your studies, share some helpful information, tips and tricks, upcoming optional or required class dates (only 3 for the whole year) or Study Group dates, and other helpful resources.  

We've scheduled 2 "catch-up" months in the 12-month curriculum, but you can speed up or catch-up at any time. 

Do you like taking time off during the holidays, no problem! Do you want to complete your studies before the next summer break, you can do that too!

Unique and Noteworthy Features

Mobile App

Not just a site with mobile functions, but an actual App! Coming during the year starting with iOS.

Closed Captions and Transcripts with Search Capabilities

All lessons feature Closed Captions within the videos in addition to transcripts to follow alongside the video. Students can search within transcripts to easily find and then skip to sections of video. *This is a work in progress. If students follow the order of the curriculum these features will be available from the start.

Social Media-esque Features

The new site encourages and easily enables interaction among fellow students and teachers.
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Frequently asked questions

How much will I need to spend on other materials?

You will need to purchase the required books/reading and herbal medicine-making supplies. We estimate these costs to be around $200.  Feel free to review the Required and Recommended Book List and Supplies List. You can also view it at the beginning of the course curriculum.

Playing catch up...What if I can't start right away? Can I take a break during the holidays? 

Yes! You will have the opportunity to catch up on your lessons. We've included 2 extra months within the 12-month timeline to account for breaks and catch-up time. Feel free to use this additional time whenever necessary.

Will I get a certificate if I complete the program after the 1-year mark?

Yes! All students who successfully complete the program will receive a 1st Year Vital Herbalist Graduate Certificate designed and signed by Matthew Wood.

Will I be a certified herbalist upon completing the course? 

Herbalism is an unregulated field. You will receive a certificate from the MWIH as proof of successful completion of the program including the number of hours of study you've completed. You will need to check your local laws and regulations for how you may practice herbalism in your area.

Will I be able to practice herbalism after completing this course?

By the time you finish this program, you will have acquired knowledge, skills, and confidence in applying herbal teachings to improve your daily life and assist your friends and family. For some, this foundational knowledge may inspire the confidence to start an herbal business. Additionally, the Year 2 and 3 Programs will offer more extensive training, equipping you to handle more complex cases and explore further business opportunities.                  

How much time will I need to dedicate to studying each week?

On average, students will require 8 hours per week for studying. This estimation considers the average reading speed and is calculated using the 10 months months of curriculum; not including catch-up months. If the catch-up months were included the average would be much less.

Are live classes required?

Participating in live Q&As and study groups is optional, but we highly recommend it. We believe that, like plants, herbalists flourish in a diverse and supportive community, fostering connections with others.

When will live classes be offered?

To accommodate the majority of students' schedules, we will offer live classes and events on different days and times.

What is the refund policy for this course?

Email us within 30 days of your purchase (or first payment plan payment) for a refund. Note, refunds are from the date of purchase, not from the program start date.

Do you offer scholarships?

Currently, we do not provide scholarships. However, this inaugural offering of the Vital Herbalist Program comes with a substantial discount. We also offer a payment plan to ensure it is accessible to a wide range of individuals.

When will payments process for the payment plan?

Once you enroll, the first payment will be processed immediately. The following payments will be charged on the same date in the subsequent months.

For instance, if you enrolled on the 5th, the next payment will be automatically charged on the 5th of the following month, and so on until payments are complete. After payments are successfully completed, no further charges will be processed, automatically.

Can I transfer credits?

Transfer of credits from within or outside of MWIH is not available at this time.

If you've already completed some of the curriculum, you can simply "test out" by taking the tests, many of which have been updated from original MWIH classes and courses.

The amazing first-time offer of this program is well-worth the Q&A's and additional classes, study groups, and support alone!

Why are contents not "lifetime or forever access"?

Our programs are meant to foster interaction with fellow students and teachers, to be as much like an in-person class as possible, with the convenience of online learning. While all classes are recorded, the material is not static - classes are continually reviewed, updated, and improved. This level of interaction and quality support takes time and financial resources in order to provide the best online herbal education possible and to best serve students.

Why are not all documents downloadable?

Matthew's and Phyllis' lengthy, in-depth documents are portions of future books to which students have early access. This is the same for Matthew and Judith's Medical Astrology Sun Signs handouts. The majority of other handouts and slides are downloadable.
Still have a question?
Contact us at We are happy to help!
Remember, education is the key that unlocks your herbal potential.
Let us be your guiding light.

MWIH Year One Program

Embrace the herbal journey to bloom and transform!
Consumer Testimonials. As with any program, your results using MIWH Classes, Courses and Programs may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. MWIH Classes, Courses and Programs are often fun, but they are also seriously rich content. It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication to become an herbalist. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and these students agree.

Refunds. Email us within 30 days of your purchase (or first payment plan payment) for a refund. Note, refunds are from date of purchase, not from program start date, including the first payment for payment plans.