United Plant Savers Event

2 Classes with Matthew Wood, MS
United Plant Savers Event Summer 2017, Wisconsin

Woodland and Forest Preservation
Matthew shares his knowledge and wisdom of how the woodlands should be cared for. Also, how to identify which herbs will be present by observing the ecology: trees, bushes, herbs. Includes plenty of discussion about a variety of herbs and topics including: 
  • Forestry practices: mono-grading, etc.
  • Preserving woodland
  • Trees that encourage the prevalence of Lyme Disease

Body-typing and Constitutions

Matthew Wood and Tara Baklund discuss herbs for each body-type and constitution along with common conditions for each type. They discuss the Four Elements, Ayurvedic Doshas, and Chinese Elements.  A full course on this topic is available in The Library. (link)
Herbs and Remedies
Arnica, Tsuga, Goldenrod, White Pine, Elecampane, White Oak Bark, Propolis, Spikenard, Siberian Ginseng, and much more! Valuable remedies for dry cough, burns, and how to remove a bullet from a horse's rear!

A sample from Matthew's Monthly Materia Medica class, Herbs A-Z, in which he shares his great personal success with cucumber water! And get glimpses of Matthew's log cabin as he teaches from his home in a remote area of Wisconsin.
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United Plant Savers Event


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