Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers

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Unchatwa shares his healing journey inspired and guided by the book, Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers by Matthew Wood
"Beautiful conversation full of great wisdom"
" 10 star or more class...deeply illuminating"  
"...this adds so much depth and clarity to Matt's words"
"...succeeded in integrating information in a manner which is rarely seen in contemporary writing. Starting with the works of Böhme, Paracelsus, Hahnemann, Burnett, and Bach, he has studied long and hard and has created a work that is far greater than the sum of its parts. This book belongs in the library of healers of all persuasions." - Julian Winston

A Seven Year Journey

with the book and plants, through life.
In this touching conversation, Unchatwa shares his healing journey inspired and guided by the "Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers" by Matthew Wood.

Unchatwa is generous in opening up about the profoundness of his journey, giving accounts of emotional and physical healing including: family lineage, great loss, Borderline Personality Disorder, Lyme Disease, amazing metaphor and so much more.

As Matt guides us through the Seven Guideposts and Unchatwa shares his correlating experiences as he spent initially one month, then one year with each herb, the multidimensional nature of plants is clearer than ever.
"In fine inspired prose Matthew Wood teaches us the personalities of seven common herbs and the corresponding human personalities for which they provide benefit. Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers synthesizes insights from the teachings of Paracelsus, the science of homeopathic medicine, and the stories of the Bible to help us understand how the nature that surrounds us teaches and heals us. After reading this book, you will find it more difficult than ever to separate the science, art, and spirit of healing."
- Dana Ullman, M.P.H.


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Absolutely amazing. I had a very interesting moment while listening to this and was moved deeply. It seems sometimes you don’t even need to take the herb but simply hearing others stories and still have great spiritual lessons. It was powerful and got me closer to herbs in a beautiful way. Thank you! 
Robyn Olsen
Absolutely enthralling; feel like I have been given a lifetimes worth of knowledge in just 2 hours. Unchatwa's beautiful journey!

Thank you Matthew and Unchatwa from the bottom of my heart!
Myra Erickson
This is a 10 star or more class. Umchatwa’s story about his drum was deeply illuminating and Matt’s interpretation on the Genesis stories made me view that history in a different light. I’ve never thought a lot about using herbs as flower essences so will definitely be trying that out... I’ve though of them more along the lines of emotional rescue, not so much spiritual enlightenment—so hearing how impactful they were for Umchatwa’s journey has really inspired me. 
Sharon LeMay
Table of Contents
Plants as Teachers
The Seven Guideposts
Herbs and Healing
Easter Lily
Yerba Santa
Cat's Ears
Black Cohosh
Lady's Slipper
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Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers

Explore a profound healing journey inspired by "Seven Herbs," and the transformative power of plant wisdom.

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