Intelligence of Nature

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Embark on a transformative journey into the world of plant intelligence.
" and interesting facts that support the mental shift and practice."
" the heart and mind of all herbalists and anyone lucky enough to see."
"...illuminating discussion of the interconnectedness and intelligence of our planet."

Uncover the astonishing revelations that will revolutionize your understanding of nature!

Embark on an enlightening journey with Ethnobotanist and Deep Ecologist, Jolie Elan! Uncover the incredible tales of plant intelligence, where Earth itself is a living genius. From pine trees releasing aerosols to tobacco plants enlisting insect allies, explore the symphony of nature. Delve into Plant Neurobiology, unveiling the sensory world and learned behaviors of plants. 

Through a Gaian lens, discover the surprising intelligence of the coronavirus. Witness ecosystems thriving with collective brilliance, where fungi, bacteria, viruses, and animals collaborate intelligently.

Join Jolie Elan in a mind-expanding exploration of Deep Ecology and Plant Intelligence, revealing the radical brilliance of our Nature!


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webinar recording with slideshow presentation

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Pay Once = One Year Access

1 year to view and review content, ask questions and discuss


2 hours of teaching

This is for you if you...

want profound insights into the intelligence of nature, bridging indigenous wisdom with cutting-edge science.
are looking for mind-blowing discoveries in Deep Ecology and Plant Intelligence, enhancing your understanding of Earth's sentience.
want to expand your awareness of the intricate interplay of living entities in ecosystems, recognizing the intelligence that shapes the environment.

Upon completion, you will...

have acquired a well-informed perspective on the sentient nature of Earth, aligning ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific revelations.
understand the relationship between homeopathy and herbalism and how to incorporate basic remedies of each--enriching the practitioner's toolkit.
empower yourself as an advocate for nature, equipped with knowledge that fuels a sense of responsibility towards our intelligent and interconnected planet.


Jolie Elan, MS

Jolie Elan, MS, founding director of Go Wild Institute, inspired thousands worldwide, blending science, myth, and spirit for nature awakening. Explore her legacy in acclaimed courses with experts like Susan Leopold, PhD, and Matthew Wood.
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Intelligence of Nature

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