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Do you know how to tell if an herbal remedy is working? 

How do we know if an herbal remedy is working?

In Monitoring the Remedy, Matthew goes into the history of homeopathic and herbal assessment skills to help practitioners feel more confident in their ability to observe symptoms accurately, find the right herb, and respond to a client’s reactions appropriately.  These historic “laws” and his commitment to specific indications have helped Matthew create, maintain, and grow his successful practice, as well as successfully serving his clients for years. 
Topics covered include:
  • When to give the first dose
  • Pulse testing
  • Monitoring the eyes and skin
  • Tongue assessment
  • Homeopathy
  • Law of Similars and Law of Contraries
  • Law of Direction of Cure/Hering’s Law
  • Law of Healing Crisis
  • Hippocrates
  • Gentian and self-doubt
  • Detoxification through elimination diet
  • Extracting herbs in different percentages of alcohol
  • Assessing children
  • Acute vs. constitutional issues
  • Building confidence in a client
  • Navigating reactions of sensitive people
  • Lobelia
  • Yarrow and protection
Later in class, Matthew answers many questions that are on the minds of many herbal practitioners, including: 

  • How do you know if the reaction is the remedy and not just the alcohol from the tincture? (if using tinctures)
  • How long do you suggest giving a remedy to see if it is “working” or is it always dependent on the herb and constitution of the client?
  • How do you make progress with clients who have difficulty acknowledging/describing changes within themselves after beginning a remedy, or who say "I don't know" to all of your evaluating questions?
  • Can you explain your method of testing remedies at a distance using the name of the herb written on a piece of paper and held in the left hand?
  • How do you determine the wrong remedy versus too high a dose causing an aggravation?



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This is for you if you...

have ever wondered, "Did I choose the right remedy?" or "Am I asking the right questions of my client?"
desire to learn clinical skills from a masterful practitioner.
want insights into tailoring herbal recommendations to the clients unique needs to get more keen results.

Upon completion, you will...

feel more confident in your clinical skills, able to make informed decisions and adjustments to better serve your clients.
be better equipped to foster trust and communication, ultimately strengthening your client-practitioner relationships.
be positioned get better results for clients and to attract and therefor help more people.


Matthew Wood, MS

Matthew began studying herbalism at age 13. After university studies, he began practice in 1981. He is the author of ten books on herbal medicine, including The Book of Herbal Medicine, The Earthwise Herbal Repertory, and Holistic Medicine & the Extracellular Matrix.

Certificate Included

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    This course is a total of 4 accredited hours
    • 4 hours Clinical Experience

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Monitoring the

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