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Herbal Flashcards

Plant Identification & Herbal Properties
The front  covers:
  • Plant identification
  • Preferred environment
  • Stunning plant photographs
  • Essential plant measurements
The back covers:
  • Scientific family name
  • Traditional herbal uses & preparation methods
  • Energetics, tastes, and tissue states
  • Insights on concerns, contraindications, and similar species


Plant Identification

5 featured photos to help identify the plant based on its main characteristics and traditional medicinal parts.

Plant Family and Scientific Binomial

Understand the naming and relationship between plant families and their traditionally used genus and species

Herbal Preparation, Properties, and Uses

Learn the traditionally and accepted used parts of the plant, energetics, tissue states, and uses for each herb

Plants of Different Environments

Woodland, Desert, Swamp, Low Ground, Mountain, Tropical, Trees, Field/Prairie, Weeds, Garden, Shrub, ect.
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Matthew Wood's Free Herb Cards

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