The Language of Nature

Connect - Attune - Integrate

Our Mother Earth is intelligent, sentient, and always communicating with us.
"Power of an acorn in this small beginning to understanding the language of nature."
"...approach and practice are unique and resonate with my heart and way of living from the heart. "
"...clear, cogent way of leading us through steps to help us see as she sees, and know as she knows."

An Introduction to the Gaian Tongue

Embark on a transformative journey with "Introduction to the Gaian Tongue," where Earth's language becomes your guide to holistic well-being and herbalist mastery.
This is a groundbreaking class that unravels the profound language of nature, revealing Earth's secrets for holistic well-being. Immerse yourself in a world where our Mother Earth communicates intelligently, offering healing wisdom to those who can decipher her language. Discover the art of interpreting nature's symbols, archetypes, and elements to forge a powerful connection with the natural world. 

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, as you unlock the language of the Earth and become a steward of its ancient wisdom.


Support Materials

"Sit Spot Ritual"
(downloadable guide)

Intro Video

Free Intro Class

Pay Once = One Year Access

1 year to view and review content, ask questions and discuss


3 hours of teaching

This is for you if you want to know...

  • How nature speaks to us in symbols and signs
  • How to attune to the language of nature
  • The Four Fold Path
  • the universal cycles of nature, medicine, and health
  • how to build personal maps to holistically orient us with the great web of life.
  • Growing spiritual relationships with the plants
  • Animal archetypes and how to work with them

Upon completion, you will...

know that Nature is willing to communicate with you.
be able to communicate with the plants and Nature; perhaps needing some practice, but knowing it's possible!
feel more confident in interpreting the language of nature - enhancing your ability to source healing wisdom directly from Mother Earth.


Jolie Elan, MS

Jolie Elan, MS, founding director of Go Wild Institute, inspired thousands worldwide, blending science, myth, and spirit for nature awakening. Explore her legacy in acclaimed courses with experts like Susan Leopold, PhD, and Matthew Wood.
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The Language of Nature

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