Herbs for Death, Dying, & Grief

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A transformative class that delves into the profound wisdom of memento mori—Latin for "remember you have to die."
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“First we come…Then, we go.”
- Carolyn Jones

Memento Mori.

Join us on a holistic exploration of death, dying, and grief, where we go beyond the surface to unravel the complexities of the human experience.
Herbs for Death, Dying, and Grief is a class that challenges individuals to come face-to-face with the idea of memento mori [Latin for “remember you have to die"]. The content uses a broad stroke to include the writing of Matthew Wood for discussion about The Seven Herbs, ritual and burial herbs, death doula practices, and the intimate details surrounding death, grief, and dying. Case studies are also presented.

Topics that are covered:
  • Common misconceptions surrounding death, dying, and grief
  • Present-day disease concerns, stories, and herbal allies
  • Carolyn's experience as an herbalist and Chaplin during COVID in NYC
  • Definition, types, symptoms, and coping with grief 
  • Difference between grief and trauma
  • The mindset behind the ability to heal
  • Positive psychology 
  • Lucid dreaming 
  • Herbs to soothe a grieving heart and for dreaming
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • and so much more! 


Enrichment of your herbal practice but also nurture for your spiritual growth, should you choose to walk that path.
Support Materials

3 documents

 from Carolyn Jones, Matthew Wood, and Deb Vail.

2.5 hours of teaching

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1 year to view and review content, ask questions and discuss

This is for you if you are looking for...

a gentle way to explore your own beliefs, fears, and understanding of life and death.
a holistic, herbal toolkit to help when life's inevitable transitions come; with ways to cope with grief, support others, and foster a healing mindset.
connections with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive network that understands the importance of embracing life's complexities.

Upon completion, you will...

be better equipped to face the challenges of death and dying with compassion and resilience, whether personally or as a support system for others.
feel more comfortable around these topics first personally and then professionally, with resources to help you prepare and plan for the inevitable.
be equipped with herbal remedies and practical life tools that not only soothe a grieving heart but also enhance overall well-being.


Matthew Wood, MS

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over forty years. He is an internationally known
teacher and author with more than ten books to his credit, including The Book of Herbal Wisdom, 
The Earthwise Herbals, Holistic Medicine and the Extracellular Matrix, and A Shamanic Herbal 
(July 2024). Matthew has an MSc in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine 
(accredited, U. of Wales). He lives in the Midwest. 

Carolyn Jones, MSc, CC, HHP

Carolyn Jones is a Holistic Health Educator and Chaplain who teaches the art of self-care and practices a ministry of presence. She is licensed by the New York State Chaplain Task Force and serves the community as an herbalist, a certified aromatherapist, and a reflexologist.

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    This course is a total of 4 accredited hours
    • 2 hours Materia Medica
    • 2 hours Basic Human Sciences

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Herbs for Death, Dying, & Grief

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