Herbal Medicine Making - Intermediate/Advanced

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Fun & Foundational Intermediate

Join Lori Rose, Ph.D. in this course full of essential information on making a variety of herbal medicines. She will guide you in a simple and practical way through the mysteries of Herbal Medicine Making!
In this course, you will:
  • Enjoy fun activities for the family
  • Feel the reward of making your own herbal medicines
  • Save money by making your own herbal remedies
  • Gain confidence in your herbal skills
  • Get online help from the teacher in the discussions section for each lesson
  • Access to our private, online community
Lessons covered:
  • DIY Bitters
  • Combination Water Extraction
  • Combination Menstruum Extraction
  • Double Extractions
  • Intermediate Oils
  • Intermediate Lotions
  • Percolation Method
  • Herbal Safety & Low Dose Herbs


Access fun and insightful instruction into crafting diverse herbal medicines through a straightforward and hands-on approach.
Support Materials

9 documents for download; one for each topic covered

Support Materials

Free intro. - Tasting & Sensing Herbs

Pay Once = One Year Access

1 year to view and review content, ask questions and discuss


8 hours of teaching

This is for you if you want to learn...

  • What ingredients do I need to make my own bitters at home?
  • How should I store my DIY bitters, and how long will they last?
  • What is combination water extraction, and how does it differ from single extraction methods?
  • What types of herbs are best suited for combination water extraction?
  • How do I choose the right combination of menstruums for a specific herb or purpose?
  • How long does the extraction process take when using multiple menstruums?
  • What is a double extraction, and why would I use this method?
  • How do I make oils at home?
  • What ingredients are typically used in making lotions?
  • What are the steps involved in making an intermediate lotion?
  • What is the percolation method, and how is it used in herbal extraction?
  • What equipment do I need to perform the percolation method?
  • How do I determine the safe dosage for low dose herbs?

Upon completion, you will...

develop have the skills to formulate more precise remedies for personal knowledge and preference or to create professionally formulated products.
connect with an online community for ongoing assistance, discussions, and shared insights, fostering continuous learning and growth.
feel so much more confident producing your own herbal medicines, not only saving you money but opening up the opportunity to generate income.


Lori Rose, PhD

Lori Valentine Rose, Ph.D., is a multifaceted professional with expertise in biology, nutrition, herbalism, and wellness. As the creator of the Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway, she passionately teaches and promotes affordable, comprehensive wellness education. Lori is dedicated to spreading love and light, empowering individuals to feel their best inside and out.
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Herbal Medicine Making - Intermediate/Advanced

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