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Experience for yourself why this ancient method is experiencing a renaissance.
"...understand vibrational medicine, physiology, the role of the elements in astrology."
"...grateful for the collaboration of a master herbalist and a master medical astrologist."
"...learned about the various herbs that were compatible with various sun signs."

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This introductory class brings together one of the luminaries of modern herbalism (Matthew Wood) with one of the shining stars of astrological medicine (Judith Hill). Both share a deep interest and knowledge of the history of astrological, herbal, and Renaissance medicine, as well as the closely related "Nature Wisdom" (Natura Sophia) movement.

A class both herbalists and astrologers enjoy!

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Matthew Wood, MS

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over forty years. He is an internationally known
teacher and author with more than ten books to his credit, including The Book of Herbal Wisdom, 
The Earthwise Herbals, Holistic Medicine and the Extracellular Matrix, and A Shamanic Herbal 
(July 2024). Matthew has an MSc in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine 
(accredited, U. of Wales). He lives in the Midwest. 

Judith Hill 

Judith Hill, an award-winning author and Western Medical Astrology pioneer, founded The Academy for Astrological Medicine. She is one of the longest practicing full-time astrological consultants in America.
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Medical Astrology: Sun Signs

Discover new ways of thinking about herbalism and astrology.

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