The Complete Family Herbal: Home Remedies

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Wellness begins at home. Take this philosophy to heart and bring it into your home, where you empower yourself and your family with the gift of well-being. 

"Literally, every sentence is chock full of experience and knowledge..." 


"The first step on the path of the herbalist is to learn how to take care of family, friends, and oneself—so we naturally begin our practice as a 'family herbalist.'  My first ‘patient’ was my father, my second was me. I helped both.”  We want to know what are the safest and most reliable herbs and how to use them in simple, at-home settings. Our relatives and friends will be both the most open and the most skeptical of our first endeavors, so we need to be as willing to step back as to step up.

Humility and responsibility are as important as knowledge. We need to know when to refer to medical doctors, as well as more experienced herbal practitioners. Herbalism is an experiential art and science, so there is no predicting in advance what we will come across on our path; we try our best to be prepared. My father and mother are now 93 (2023), and attribute their longevity partly to me—though they listen to the doctors more than when they were young.”   - Matthew Wood, MS

Wellness Begins at Home...

Transform your home into a hub of well-being with The Complete Family Herbal. Herbalists Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light guide you through empowering practices, from preventative care to addressing acute issues, offering a holistic approach to family health.
  • Does your household go through the same issues every year? Do you find yourself wishing you could do something to change that pattern of health
  • Do you want to focus on preventative care and wellness instead of waiting for an ailment to happen? 
  • Have you ever had someone in your family come down with a bug, a bite, or a scrape, and wanted to address it at home with herbs if you only knew a little more?

Herbalists Matthew Wood and Phyllis D. Light, MA take this philosophy to heart and bring it into your home, where you empower yourself and your family with the gift of well-being. Providing healthy lifestyle practices, recognizing and aiding chronic issues, and timely acute care isn’t only healthy, but it also helps mitigate issues if an office visit to a doctor comes about.

This series goes beyond the quick fix: you’ll learn about the cause of the ailment as well as how to deal with it in the short and long term. This can develop not only physically, but emotionally.
Physical and emotional issues that are covered in this class include:
Class 1
  • Skin. Boils, bites, rashes, diaper rash, eczema, poison ivy, chapped lips
  • Teeth and Gums. Teething, loose teeth, cavities, gum disease, painful teeth
Class 2
  • Basic First Aid. cuts, bruises, wounds, sprains, strains
  • Muscular and Skeletal. injuries, chronic, joints, muscles, nerve injuries, tendons, fascia
Class 3
  • Seasonal and food allergies
  • Acute respiratory conditions. colds, coughs, earache
Class 4
  • Sleep, anxiety, nervousness. insomnia, sleep cycling, bed wetting, nightmares, and dreams
Class 5
  • Babyhood, Childhood, Adulthood, Elder Years
  • More Acute Issues. sore throat, fever, and Flu
  • A Few Hints for Pets
You will also learn:
  • How to evaluate the situation
  • Good herbal preparations to have on hand at all times
  • What form of herb to take: tea, tincture, salve, or poultice
  • Clear, suggested dosing amounts


Support Materials

6 documents from Phyllis D. Light

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Support Materials

12 documents from Matthew Wood

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10.5 hours of teaching


Certificate included
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This is for you if you...

have ever wished to address common health issues at home using herbs, this class is designed to empower you as a family herbalist. Learn how to provide preventative care and wellness for your loved ones.
prefer focusing on preventative care and wellness rather than waiting for ailments to occur.
want to know the basic and best remedies to have on hand and how to use them.

Upon completion, you will...

be able to address common health issues for the whole family.
know how to evaluate situations, prepare herbal remedies, and understand the appropriate forms (tea, tincture, salve, or poultice) for different situations.
take away a toolkit of herbal knowledge that allows you to confidently address a range of health issues within your family.


Matthew Wood, MS

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over forty years. He is an internationally known
teacher and author with more than ten books to his credit, including The Book of Herbal Wisdom, 
The Earthwise Herbals, Holistic Medicine and the Extracellular Matrix, and A Shamanic Herbal 
(July 2024). Matthew has an MSc in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine 
(accredited, U. of Wales). He lives in the Midwest. 

Phyllis D. Light, MA 

As 4th generation herbalist, Phyllis started with lessons from her grandmother who taught from her Creek/Cherokee heritage. Phyllis has studied and worked with herbs, foods, and other healing techniques for 30+ years. She is the author of Southern Folk Medicine and co-author of Traditional Western Herbalism Pulse Evaluation.

Certificate Included

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  • Accreditation hours

    This course is a total of 15 accredited hours
    • 10 hours Materia Medica
    • 4.5 hours Basic Human Sciences
    • 0.5 hours Practice Management and Ethics

    *Please check with your accrediting agency whether they will accept accredited hours or certificates from the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism
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The Complete Family Herbal: Home Remedies

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