Renew & Refresh Practice

Apr 12 / Jules Hatch
How can we release the past to make way for the future? How can we work with the cycles of life, with nature, and with plants to support us in this inner renewal and becoming?

As human beings, we are intricately woven into the web of life that exists around us. Intimately part of the seasons and the cycles of life. As the Earth is moving outside of us, it is also moving within us; there is no separation on this journey.

Our breath is filled with the life of the trees that hold the grounds in which we walk. 70% of Earth's surface is made of Water. 70% of the human body is made of Water. Our bones, perhaps, are made up of stones, connecting us with the ancestors of our unique line of life; both our bloodlines and our earthlines. In many cultures, the rocks and stones are referred to as elders, having been here long before humans, and standing long after we leave.

What if, as there are cells in our body, we are simply cells of the Earth? Each one of us is a living blueprint of consciousness, returning to its healthy holistic origin.

What does the return to Earth look like? What is it to live in one’s true nature? How does cleansing with the cycles of the seasons affect our inner health?

Renew & Refresh Practice:
  • In the morning, with the welcoming of the day in your heart, go outside (or if it is still a bit too cold, go to a sunny window or space inside). Stand facing the sun, and breathe the sun into your heart. Feel its presence trickling throughout your body. Use the power of your breath to feel grounded in the Earth and connected with the sky.
  • Next, practice 9 rounds of sun salutations. Each round, give thanks for the light returning to each cell of your own body. Feel yourself as Earth, how does the welcoming of this sunlight affect your cells? Does it change your thoughts? What sensations do you feel?
  • After your sun salutations, lay in savasana (flat on your back in full relaxation). Observe the sensations. Drop as deeply into the stillness of your true nature as possible in that ever-changing moment.
  • Begin to meditate on the dreams and intentions that are most dear to your heart and soul. What do you desire? What most inspires you? Where do you find the most joy in placing your energy? This is a time to honor your dreams, to set up a clear arrow of intention for your year to come.

Remember, you are a seed, and this seed is just beginning to sprout, just as the seedlings on the Earth around you. What do you wish to give birth to this year?

  • Next, feel your sacral chakra as the Waters that nourish your Earthly being. Use the power of your breath to alchemize the sunlight you’ve drawn in and the Water you are made of to alchemize with the seeds that are growing inside of you.  There’s no wrong way to co-create this world inside of you. With love and attention, anything will grow healthy and strong.
  • Finally, journal. Take the time to honor your dreams. To honor your power and the allyship of the elements that you are made of, and bow to the creation story you are writing inside or your mind, body, and spirit.

We are intricately woven with all of life. Cleansing the body is like changing the oil in a car. When we cleanse, we are working in conjunction with the cycle of life. As the Earth is melting, letting go of the old dormant season, so too does our body have a greater capacity to do the same. 

These are changing times, and the more we can honor the change, the greater capacity we have to stay healthy during this global shift. What if the Earth’s consciousness is actually rising? What if this is an invitation for all that is outdated to fall away. If we are cells of the Earth, would this mean our consciousness is naturally rising as well?

If so, how can we support this shift by tending to the vehicles of our bodies to support the future of life on this Earth?


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