Mugulio Syrup (Conifer Syrup)

Leigh Arnoldy, BM
This is easily one of the most delicious and easiest herbal preparations you can make.

Mugolio is traditionally made from the green cones of the Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo), a native of Italy. But don’t let a lack of frequent flier points stop you; you can make variations of all kinds of conifers, each with its own distinctive taste. My conifer of choice is Spruce, but you can try it with less green cones or even young conifer tips; just be aware that the tips will be drier than the cones.

Thanks go out to Alan Bergo and Justin Davies for the inspiration.

Mugulio Syrup (Conifer Syrup)

  1. Grab a clean jar and lid.
  2. Fill the jar with young green cones to fit your needs.
  3. Cover the cones with high-quality sugar. It will turn out to be a rough 1:1 ratio. The sugar choice is up to you: Some folks prefer Turbinato; I used high-quality brown sugar.
  4. Cover with a lid. I set mine in the sun because it felt like the right thing to do.
  5. Overnight, you’ll see that the sugar has drawn out the water from the pine cones.
  6. At this point, you can forget about it and let it ferment happily, but since it is fermenting, a good “burp” might be in order.
  7. You can also top it off with more sugar as more water is released.
  8. After a few weeks, you can strain the syrup. You can also boil it, but it may reduce some of the constituents.
  9. Now you have a wonderful, pine-y treat to add to just about anything, from ice cream to cocktails!

As always make sure to forage for plants away from roads and pollution as much as possible. Never overharvest any plant, as they are of course not only here for our enjoyment, but also here for the insects, bees, and birds. Have fun out there!
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