I Am Not a Healer - My Body Is A Basket

May 5 / Amanda Nicole
You may want to sit down. I’m going to spill the herbal tea: I am not a healer.  

And that’s not because the FDA tells me I’m not -- it’s because the ability to heal resides in each one of us. It is part of the essence of being human.  I heal no one.  I am not a healer. 

But I am human.  So are you.  And together, we heal.

The ability to heal ourselves is the divine essence and birthright of every human.  Our bodies, hearts, and spirits contain the innate wisdom and ability to be well. This is a truth long forgotten but now being beautifully remembered.

At this time, there are those of us who have chosen to more fully and intentionally embody this aspect of the Divine Expression just as there are those of us who have chosen to more fully and intentionally embody the Divine Expressions of music, mathematics, and mothering.  But in this embodiment, we are here simply to remind others that they too can return to wellness, play and sing, speak the language of numbers, and nurture new life. 

We are here to remind one another what it means to be Divinely Human.

So from my medicine basket, I share the medicine of the flowers and trees, songs, poems, and stories. I endeavor to offer my presence, compassion, and personal experience. And with my heart as well as my ears, I listen. Holding space, I offer myself as a guide, a facilitator, a companion -- anything but a healer because the only person I can heal is myself.

I cannot heal another human. I  cannot make anyone change what they do not want to change, become what they do not want to become, release what they do not want to release, receive what they do not want to receive -- believe what they do not want to believe.  

I can pour tea for another, but I cannot drink it.

And I don’t have to -- because the knowledge is no longer secret, no longer hidden (or it shouldn’t be). The veil has been torn, and the entrance into the Holy of Holies is available to all.  Access is as simple as giving thanks, saying a prayer, or sitting with a flower.

Time and time again, my students and clients no longer need me (if they ever truly did) because they come to understand that the medicine I offer is accessible to them directly.  No mediator is needed.  I listen. I reflect.  And they remember.  And in remembering, they begin to listen to their own bodies, trust their own intuition, gather their own knowledge, hear their own plant messages, and fill their own baskets.  They recognize that they are powerful, sovereign beings who know how to heal.

The magician’s secrets are revealed, making the world even more magical.

Now that the tea has been spilled, lean in.  I will tell you some secrets.

Tulip Poplar will remind you that you are a clear channel for the Divine Light and a Sacred Vessel fit to hold the Sacred Medicine. Nettles will remind you of your own vitality, resilience, and resourcefulness -- and the importance of touch.  Rose will softly whisper of ways to give yourself much-needed love and care while enabling you to see clearly what you have before you.  Violet will remind you to express how you feel and request what you need.  Burdock (as Matthew says) will remind you of your original blueprint -- of what it means to be well.  

We can all channel the light, hear the plants, and talk to our cells.  We can all grow and gather good food and good medicine.  We can all rise to meet the sun, become still, listen to our hearts, and ask our bodies and spirits what they need. We can all remember what it means to be well.

So there it is:  I am not a healer.  But I am here to remind others that they are.

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